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No matter what business you ask - moving products and goods from one destination to the next is the driving force of how industries breathe every single day.

It’s Time to Technology Upgrade for Commercial Trucking

If the demands of information, technology and more are pushing you to your limit and you wish to stay as competitive as possible in today’s dynamic trucking environment outfit yourself with the most powerful technology: TugForce.

About TugForce

TugForce is fast-tracking the Owner Operator Truck Drivers and Small Fleets contracting with Commercial Shippers like never before.

If you’re a truck driver, simply click the Sign-Up button below to set up your profile. Shippers everywhere will be able to search for Truck Driver just like you!

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If you’re a shipper, you can use TugForce to:

Search the profiles of dedicated Owner Operator truck drivers and small Fleets looking to make your job easier and cost effective way. Carriers will be able to view your requests, submit bids and get your merchant’s shipments on their way.

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Right now, all over the world, carriers, shippers and merchants are growing to meet the demands of information and technology within the trucking marketplace . As every facet of every way that we ship goods grows faster by the day, carriers shippers and merchants need to stay competitive in order to take their trucking investments and potential to the next level.

That’s why TugForce is empowering carriers and shippers with compelling and engaging on demand web and app based solutions that will help drive connectivity, scalability, and the speed at which this robust industry excels.

Start using technology to advance your business and increase your bottom line. TugForce. (Beta)

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Post your local and interstate shipping requirements on the TugForce platform from your computer, tablet or mobile Smartphone to a network of carriers looking to handle your merchant’s needs.